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How Our Cellphones Will Tame COVID-19 and Save the World

Within the next few weeks, Apple and Google will be distributing new software that will fill an urgent and vital need to track our movements...

COVID-19 Has Arrived: Here’s How To Mitigate the Situation

In a little more than three months, the novel coronavirus has disrupted lives, financial markets, medical meetings and travel plans around the world.

Blame the Fool, Not the Tool

I have seen a few leaks, but they usually occur in the sickest patients—especially patients who come late and are septic, such as a patient...

Anaphylaxis From Chlorhexidine Considerably Underestimated

Calgary, Alberta—Medical professionals might be underestimating the anaphylactic potential of chlorhexidine, one of the most common antimicrobial agents in the OR, according to a recent...