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Opioid Prescribing Too High After Minimally Invasive Surgery

Of nearly 400 MIS patients surveyed, 90% said they were prescribed opioids after surgery, and 13% of these patients asked for a refill as late...

Antibiotic Stewardship Critical But Difficult in the ICU

Antibiotic stewardship in the ICU should be a critical part of a patient’s care, but it is not easy to practice in this setting because...

Gel Staunches Surgical Wounds Quickly, Effectively

All surgeons encounter bleeding from injury to blood vessels that needs to be staunched, and doctors may soon be able to do so with the...

Disruptive Behavior Mostly Arises From Systemic Causes, Study Finds

A new study looking at the root causes of disruptive behavior at a single hospital found that most reported cases of disruptive behavior were associated...