Oral, IV Acetaminophen Equally Effective for Rib Fracture in Elderly

New Orleans—Elderly trauma patients, an ever-increasing population, may experience just as much pain control from oral medication as from IV acetaminophen, according to new research.

Study Quantifies Time Spent on Electronic Health Records

Ask any surgeon how much time they spend on their hospital’s electronic health record and the answer is likely to be the same: too much.

Necrotizing Soft Tissue Infection: Predicting Mortality and Limb Loss

Known colloquially as “flesh-eating bacteria,” necrotizing soft tissue infections carry significant morbidity and mortality, but the risk for death is dropping, according to data presented at the 2020 Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma Annual Scientific Assembly.

Living in a Virtual World

Over the past several months, a multitude of medical organizations have either canceled or postponed their 2020 iterations. For some of these professional societies, planning for 2021 is ongoing, whereas for others, attempts to have virtual opportunities for professional...

Post-Op NSAIDs Not Linked To GI Bleeding

Increased risk for gastrointestinal bleeding was not related to use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) following joint surgery, according to a new study.

ERAS Surprise: Protocol Falls Short on Outcomes, Cost for Colon Resection

Enhanced recovery after surgery protocols are associated with reduced hospital length of stay, fewer complications and lower costs, but one institution found no improvement in outcomes and higher costs after implementing an ERAS protocol.

Children, the Latest Victims of COVID-19

If there was any consolation from the COVID-19 pandemic, it was the notion that children escaped relatively unscathed. If they did become sick, they tended to have mild symptoms that did not require hospitalization.

COVID-19 Further Complicates Existing Sterilization Problems

For months, officials have been warning of a looming shortage in the supply of a gas used in the sterilization of medical equipment. Now, that already stressed system has taken another massive hit from the new coronavirus infection, COVID-19....

7 Tips for Managing Stress, Burnout During the COVID-19 Crisis

We are navigating uncharted waters in the COVID-19 pandemic. Health care professionals face increased risk for compounded stress and burnout in the wake of this global crisis.

Fixing Health Care: What Is the First Step?

During this coronavirus pandemic, I have been on lockdown at home because I’m considered a senior citizen while many of you have been fighting bravely on the front lines.

Conquering Fear in Times of Epidemics

The past few months have been unprecedented in my career as a surgeon. The sweeping response to this global COVID-19 pandemic—to mobilize resources, restrict social behaviors and curtail businesses—is far beyond any previous modern health threat. What makes this...

Many U.S. Hospitals Already In the Red—Then COVID-19 Hit

COVID-19 has created a financial crisis for many U.S. hospitals, with no easy way out. During the pandemic, hospitals lost a huge source of revenue from...

Shortages of Critical ICU Drugs Lead to New Waste Reduction Recommendations

Shortages of medications critical for treating patients with COVID-19 have led to new recommendations for reducing medication waste.

New Report Favors Early Cholecystectomy for Acute Cholecystitis

Nearly three-fourths of patients admitted for acute cholecystitis at hospitals in the United States wait more than 24 hours for a cholecystectomy, with one in...

COVID-19 and Health Care Reform a Bad Mix

With the COVID-19 pandemic derailing nearly every aspect of health care, experts are speculating that the ongoing crisis will reshape everything from drug pricing reform...