7 Tips for Managing Stress, Burnout During the COVID-19 Crisis

We are navigating uncharted waters in the COVID-19 pandemic. Health care professionals face increased risk for compounded stress and burnout in the wake of this global crisis.

Fixing Health Care: What Is the First Step?

During this coronavirus pandemic, I have been on lockdown at home because I’m considered a senior citizen while many of you have been fighting bravely on the front lines.

Conquering Fear in Times of Epidemics

The past few months have been unprecedented in my career as a surgeon. The sweeping response to this global COVID-19 pandemic—to mobilize resources, restrict social behaviors and curtail businesses—is far beyond any previous modern health threat. What makes this...

Many U.S. Hospitals Already In the Red—Then COVID-19 Hit

COVID-19 has created a financial crisis for many U.S. hospitals, with no easy way out. During the pandemic, hospitals lost a huge source of revenue from elective surgeries while experiencing a dramatic uptick in costs, as facilities purchase more gear...

Shortages of Critical ICU Drugs Lead to New Waste Reduction Recommendations

Shortages of medications critical for treating patients with COVID-19 have led to new recommendations for reducing medication waste.

New Report Favors Early Cholecystectomy for Acute Cholecystitis

Nearly three-fourths of patients admitted for acute cholecystitis at hospitals in the United States wait more than 24 hours for a cholecystectomy, with one in five waiting more than 72 hours for surgery, a new study shows.

COVID-19 and Health Care Reform a Bad Mix

With the COVID-19 pandemic derailing nearly every aspect of health care, experts are speculating that the ongoing crisis will reshape everything from drug pricing reform initiatives to universal health care policy debates and insurance accessibility.

Key Steps to Regain OR Capacity After COVID-19

Over the past few months, hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers have postponed thousands of surgeries due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Critical Care Nurses Add Their Perspective To Pain Management in the ICU

Managing patients’ pain isn’t just for doctors; it takes a whole care team. However, much of the current literature isn’t from a nurse’s perspective.

Addressing the ‘Vicious Cycle’ of Incisional Hernias

New York—Incisional hernias continue to occur at a rate worldwide that many would consider unacceptable. Even though some risk factors for hernia are unavoidable, there are techniques and materials that surgeons can employ to mitigate risk—if they would only...

Feet Firmly on the Ground: COVID-19

I awoke with a jolt and fumbled around for my phone to check the time: 1:45 a.m. I was once again wide awake, four hours past falling into yet another restless, exhausted sleep and three hours from my morning...

OR Management News - June 2020

The June 2020 Digital Edition of OR Management News

Time to Take a Collective Deep Breath

The global crisis due to COVID-19 has both personally and collectively permeated every aspect of life and consumed nearly every second of humanity and the...

Why Are Bats the Perfect Coronavirus Reservoir?

The bat immune system does not mount a response against coronaviruses.

Even After Reprocessing, Many Scopes Stay Dirty

More than one in 10 duodenoscopes remain contaminated even after they are reprocessed following protocols established by the manufacturer, researchers have found. And a second...