Group Shares Experience With Robotic Esophagectomy

Surgeons around the world are applying a robotic surgery platform to increasingly complex procedures and documenting their experiences. But few reports involve esophagectomy, and those that do usually include only a small number of patients.

Opioid Prescribing Too High After Minimally Invasive Surgery

Of nearly 400 MIS patients surveyed, 90% said they were prescribed opioids after surgery, and 13% of these patients asked for a refill as late as three months after the procedure.

Antibiotic Stewardship Critical But Difficult in the ICU

Antibiotic stewardship in the ICU should be a critical part of a patient’s care, but it is not easy to practice in this setting because the patients are so vulnerable, the need is immediate, and usually all the information...

Gel Staunches Surgical Wounds Quickly, Effectively

All surgeons encounter bleeding from injury to blood vessels that needs to be staunched, and doctors may soon be able to do so with the application of a self-assembling material being developed by a small New England biotechnology company....

Disruptive Behavior Mostly Arises From Systemic Causes, Study Finds

A new study looking at the root causes of disruptive behavior at a single hospital found that most reported cases of disruptive behavior were associated with systemic stresses in the clinical environment—such as inadequate hospital capacity, unclear policies and...

Steam Vapor May Help Control S. capitis

The use of a steam vapor disinfecting system could drastically decrease the incidence of Staphylococcus capitis colonization and infection, according to a new study.

Top 8 Nursing Apps for the OR

Nashville, Tenn.—There are dozens of medical apps, but which ones are the most useful for OR nurses?

Managing Operations in the Wake of Disaster

Hurricane Harvey is one of the deadliest to hit the U.S. The storm lasted several days and flooding continued about a week afterward. At least 68 people died, and estimates of the financial fallout came to $125 billion. ...

On Babies, Bath Water and Opioids

The “opioid crisis” occupies a substantial part of our professional and political milieu. We are besieged by headlines in media of all types reporting on the evils of opioid analgesics.

How Rude! Incivility Can Cause OR Woes

During a routine procedure, something goes awry. The patient is bleeding, but not at the surgical site. The OR team needs to act quickly to make a differential diagnosis and stabilize the patient.

A Peek at Emerging Surgical Technology

A virtual reality tour of a hospital and an OR “black box” device to analyze aberrations during surgical procedures were among the novel ideas presented during an emerging technology session at the 2019 annual meeting of the Society of...

Surgeon General: Marijuana Harmful to Pregnant Women and Young People

Marijuana, which is much more potent today, is particularly harmful to the developing brain, so pregnant women and adolescents should be discouraged from using it....

In the OR, a Cell Phone Attached to the Hip Is the Norm

The world of personal electronic devices and social media in the OR has long been a controversial topic. While they are useful with dozens of...

Second Victim Program Helps Health Care Workers Cope in the Aftermath of Tragedy

On Feb. 22, 2001, an 18-month-old girl named Josie King, who was almost ready to go home after treatment for severe burns, died from extreme...

How Going Green in the OR Can Save Your Hospital Millions

Hospitals in the U.S. create just under 34 pounds of waste per staffed bed per day, which translates to approximately 11.5 billion pounds of trash...