The OR Carries Reproductive Risks: Here’s How to Mitigate Them

There are risks that accompany a career in surgery. For example, studies have shown that female surgeons have higher rates of infertility and pregnancy complications, and not just because surgeons tend to have babies later in life.

Optimizing Surgical Forecasting, Predictive Scheduling for the OR

The pandemic has already cost U.S. hospitals billions of dollars. To stabilize their financial situation and regain their financial footing, hospital leaders are leaning hard on their most reliable profit center: surgical services. Yet even before the pandemic, surgical...

Can Silver Heal Wounds?

The patient’s wound was large, complicated and painful. The 68-year-old man came to see wound care expert George J. Koullias, MD, a vascular surgeon at Stony Brook Surgical Associates, in New York, with a large mixed ulcer that had...

My Worst Surgical Error

As surgeons, we love to be busy in the OR. We tend to compete on our volume of cases and boast about the number of operations we’ve performed—often overestimating. I’ve even heard physician practice administrators laugh about how easy...

COVID-19: Men Are From Mars; Women Are From Venus?

Researchers observed substantial gender differences in both attitudes and behaviors about COVID-19.

Is There a Magic Bullet for COVID-19?

Thirty-one years ago, I did my first night of call as a new surgery intern in Atlanta. It was intimidating. We were often evaluated in medical school by how well we could identify the one right answer on a...

The Importance of Adequate Debridement

Welcome to our new section on wound care and tissue management. As section editor, we look forward to presenting you with relevant topics, guidance and information on new products to assist you in caring for this challenging group of...

The Role of Robotics in Hernia Repair

Perhaps no surgical technology generates as much fervent support or vehement criticism as the robot. While few would dispute the technical advantages of articulating instruments and 3D visualization, many have questioned the widespread adoption without clear evidence supporting its...

Steroids Found to Improve Survival of Critically Ill COVID-19 Patients

Steroids appear to improve the survival of the sickest COVID-19 patients, by dampening the cytokine storm, according to three recent reports in JAMA—one of them a meta-analysis.

Consulting Physicians Can Have Clinical, Financial Drawbacks

As the population of surgical patients with complex comorbidities continues to grow, so does the practice of involving consulting physicians in their care.

Pandemic Offers Lessons for Payors, Health Plans

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major economic impact on the health care system but also offers a number of lessons that health systems and payors can take forward in preparing for future epidemics or a resurgence of COVID-19,...

OR Management Digital Edition - Winter 2020

The Winter 2020 Digital Edition of OR Management News

Most Incisional Hernia Readmissions Occur After 30 Days

One of every five patients who underwent an incisional hernia repair in the United States was readmitted to the hospital within a year, with most...

Key Steps for Infection Prevention In Ambulatory Surgery Centers

The global coronavirus pandemic has spotlighted the need for infection prevention programs that minimize communicable diseases while providing functional environments for surgical services.

Are the Towels in Your Hospital Really Clean?

Several years ago, a group of investigators set out to answer that question. They collected three cleaned towels from 10 Arizona hospitals, submerging each towel...